<strong>Requests</strong> Authorization - Dune du Pilat

Requests authorization

The Dune of Pilat as well as the adjoining forest are classified under the law of May 1930 on natural monuments and sites. The ranking is a strong protection at national level.

The Coastal Conservatory is the main public owner of the Grand Site. Its mission is to conduct a policy of safeguarding the coastal area, respect for natural sites and openness to the public, in harmony with the preservation of the site and authorized activities.

Under the applicable regulations, these natural spaces, which are particularly fragile, are not intended to host events, filming or photography.

An AUTHORIZATION REQUEST is mandatory for all events planned on the Grand Site (events, surveys, scientific measurements and surveys, sporting events, filming, sound recording, etc.).

The Conservatory only issues authorizations on an exceptional basis for certain one-off projects of general interest which are based on the cultural and scientific values of the Grand Site.

The authorization request must be filed with the manager and the Conservatoire du littoral.

Are concerned by these requests for authorization, filming of a professional nature.

Shootings & Events

1. Take note of the instruction deadlines

In order to best deal with the many requests on its sites, the Conservatoire du littoral must receive the completed and completed authorization request. 3 months before the planned shooting / event date. No instruction without these elements.

2. Become aware of the main principles to be observed

The following are prohibited on the Dune du Pilat Grand Site:

  • commercial events: advertisements, music videos, fashion shoots, etc.
  • any project using the Dune or the forest as a backdrop or a support not directly related to its heritage aspect (scientific and cultural promotion of the site).
<strong>Requests</strong> Authorization - Dune du Pilat

The professional must undertake not to distort the image of the Grand Site de la dune du Pilat. He must :

  • encourage environmentally friendly behavior
  • arouse the curiosity of visitors, enrich their knowledge of heritage
  • enhance the management structure, committed to preserving and sustainably managing this landscape

The shots or sound must not affect the fragile nature of this natural space.
Events must avoid any damage to the environment, to flora and fauna.

3. Make a shooting / event request

In order to facilitate the processing procedures, authorization requests must be made by filling out the contact form available below. After which, the official authorization request form will be sent to you according to your request.

Please note: any incomplete or too late request may be rejected.

Follow-ups scientists

Scientists, experts, teacher-researchers, wishing to carry out surveys, measurements, prospecting on the Great Site of the Dune of Pilat… are subject to the same rules. These scientific events must be the subject of an authorization request using the contact form available below.

Zoom on the use of a drone

In addition, specific regulations apply to these wild natural spaces:

<strong>Requests</strong> Authorization - Dune du Pilat
<strong>Requests</strong> Authorization - Dune du Pilat
<strong>Requests</strong> Authorization - Dune du Pilat
<strong>Requests</strong> Authorization - Dune du Pilat
<strong>Requests</strong> Authorization - Dune du Pilat
<strong>Requests</strong> Authorization - Dune du Pilat
<strong>Requests</strong> Authorization - Dune du Pilat

Are strictly prohibited:

  • the use of fire or heat source throughout the site
  • wild camping, bivouac
  • the circulation of motorized land vehicles and parking in a forest massif
  • the degradation of the flora and the abandonment of waste;
  • board sports on the Dune

Are regulated:

  • the practice of free flight on the Grand Site of the Dune of Pilat
  • the use of drones

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