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The Grand Site of the Dune du Pilat offers schools, but also leisure centers, different activities according to the desired educational objectives. 

From kindergarten to higher education, discover our educational activities/animations adapted to the age and level of the students.


The recent requalification of the reception area makes it possible to benefit from a qualitative reception system in line with the spirit of the place and at the height of the Grand Site.

One new tour route, comprising 5 discovery stages, marks the path from the entrance to the reception area to the Dune.

Two huts, one located at the entrance to the village and the other at the end of the path, are dedicated to cultural mediation and environmental education. Within these new spaces, our mediators welcome you and your students.

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  • Set a date for your school trip
  • Be able to communicate the email and phone number of the referring teacher
  • Specify the size and level of classes

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Parking is free for all schools, but also for leisure centers after requesting it, at least 48 hours before your arrival.

To obtain free admission, we ask you to notify yourself in advance.

Different objectives depending on the level 

Our first objective is to best meet your educational expectations and at the level of the students.

Kindergarten, Primary
Cycles 1,2, 3 until CE2

Coming to the Pilat dune with nursery and primary school pupils awakens their curiosity about the landscape and the living world.

Cycles 3, 4, from CM1 to 3

Coming to the Dune du Pilat with schoolchildren means developing their observation and analysis skills by making them aware of the dune and forest environment.


Coming with high school and college students to the Dune du Pilat is to make them understand the importance of its evolution, of its preservation and to promote the research work of their teachers.

<strong>Offer</strong> educational - Dune du Pilat

Educational workshop “Behind the scenes of a Grand Site”

Objective: to explore in a fun and interactive way, the different facets of the dune and the forest.

This workshop can be held in class (only for schools in the Arcachon Basin) or on site in the discovery cabin.


About 1 hour


Throughout the year, depending on the availability of mediators.

<strong>Offer</strong> educational - Dune du Pilat

Level: cycles 1, 2, 3
Age: from 3 years old

<strong>Offer</strong> educational - Dune du Pilat

Workshop accessible to people with reduced mobility

Landscape reading of the Grand Site

Objective: identify the different elements of the landscape of the Arcachon Bay, return to the impacts of the fire in the summer of 2022, and focus (depending on the season) on the fauna present on the site...


Between 30 and 45 min


All year

<strong>Offer</strong> educational - Dune du Pilat

Level: all levels

<strong>Offer</strong> educational - Dune du Pilat
<strong>Offer</strong> educational - Dune du Pilat

Guided walk of the Grand Site

Objective: to discover the history of the dune, the forest, its landscapes, its fauna and its flora. Discover past and present activities on the Grand Site, as well as its management.

The guided tour is adapted according to the school level. For the elementary, the visit consists of an immersion through the senses to discover the landscape, the origin of the sand, the formation of the dune, the surrounding fauna and flora.


Around 1h30 with the ascent of the Dune


All year

<strong>Offer</strong> educational - Dune du Pilat

Level: cycle 2, cycle 3, middle school, high school, higher education

Tailor-made visit

Objective: to adapt the visit to your specific expectations related to the Large Site. We tackle all the issues, from the preservation of the landscape, to the connections between the inhabitants and the territory.


to define


All year round, subject to availability.

<strong>Offer</strong> educational - Dune du Pilat

Level: all levels

<strong>Offer</strong> educational - Dune du Pilat

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