Regulations - Dune du Pilat

The rules and regulations

Nature welcomes us, let's respect it!

Belonging to the “Grands Sites”, these emblematic landscapes and exceptional places recognized at the national level, the Dune du Pilat is listed among the most visited with nearly 2 million visitors estimated each year. This attendance subjects natural environments to strong pressure.

By respecting the regulations and adopting a few simple reflexes, each of us can contribute to respecting biodiversity, while enjoying an exceptional natural setting. All the municipal and prefectural decrees in force are listed below.

Respect the regulations in protected environments

For your safety and respect for the Grand Site:

  • Do not leave your waste in nature
  • Respect biodiversity: no disturbance of species, no picking of plants and no removal (plants, sand, relics, etc.)
  • Observe the authorized overflight zones: regulated free flight practice
  • Keep your dog on a leash
  • Bivouacs and wild camping prohibited
  • Motorized vehicles prohibited
  • Board sports prohibited
  • No smoking
  • Fires strictly prohibited, regardless of location
Wild parking strictly prohibited

Wild parking is strictly prohibited

For safety reasons, It is strictly prohibited to park on the shoulders of the road and around the forest.

Any offender is liable to a fine of 135€ and removal of his vehicle for impoundment.

Protect forests from fires

The Landes de Gascogne massif is classified as a high risk forest fire. The risk of forest fires is permanent and increases with the reckless behavior of visitors.

94% forest fires are of human origin. For your safety and to limit the risk of starting fires, everyone must be vigilant and adopt the right actions.

In case of fire, dial 18 or 112.

Regulations - Dune du Pilat
Regulations - Dune du Pilat

The practice of free flight

The practice of free flight on the whole of the Grand Site of the Dune du Pilat is regulated. More info on

The use of drones

In order to ensure the safety of all visitors, the use of drones for recreational use is strictly prohibited on the Grand Site of the Dune du Pilat.

Professional drones require prior authorization.

Regulations - Dune du Pilat

The Banc d’Arguin National Nature Reserve

Reserve is a recognized site of international importance for the preservation of our natural heritage. It's a sensitive and fragile environment. This Nature Reserve is home to protected animal and plant species in France and around the world, some of which are seriously threatened. 

To participate in the preservation of this natural space, respect the regulation.


Regulatory acts