<strong>Advice</strong> of visit - Dune of Pilat

Advice visit

Seen from below, climbing the Dune du Pilat looks like a “game”. The sand is fine and the first steps are easy. But it is not a beach, it is a mountain, and little by little, the delight gives way to the effort. Changing weather conditions and sand can make climbing sporty.

To avoid disappointments and understand this wild natural space in a serene way, please read our advice carefully.

Take the right actions before and during your visit

Live attendance tool visible on a mobile phone

1. Stay informed in real time about the frequentation of the car park

When the good weather returns, the number of visitors to the Grand Site de la Dune du Pilat increases, resulting in heavy road traffic. Before leaving, check out our real-time parking lot attendance tool. 

To avoid impacting species and their habitats, but also to guarantee everyone's safety, do not park your vehicle along the road (unauthorized parking prohibited).

2. Think about alternatives to the car

Choose soft modes of transport: by bike, by Baïa bus or with the shuttle from the Parc des Expositions de La Teste de Buch.

TheNature getaway Without a Car of the Network of Great Sites of France gives you an idea of routes by bike, on foot, by boat, to discover the territory of the Great Site of the Dune of Pilat in a different way. 

<strong>Advice</strong> of visit - Dune of Pilat
High attendance on the dune of Pilat

3. Prefer a visit outside of peak periods

The Grand Site de la Dune du Pilat is not only discovered in summer! The landscape is striking whatever the season. To learn all about the formation of this sand giant, the discreet hosts who live there and the particularity of the forest that stretches out at its foot, our mediators offer you activities all year round. 

In summer, prefer a visit early in the morning (at sunrise) or later in the evening (sunset walk).

4. Respect the regulations in force

The Grand Site of the Dune of Pilat is a classified, protected natural area. Let us stand at his height by respecting the regulations and adopting the right actions to protect nature.

Fragile habitat of the Dune du Pilat
<strong>Advice</strong> of visit - Dune of Pilat
Remember to take enough water with you

5. Plan the right equipment

You arrive on a wild natural space. Once on the ridge, you will not find any shade, water point or restaurant… In order to have a good time, always bring a bottle of water, a hat, sunglasses and of sunscreen. Avoid climbing the top of the Dune during the hottest hours. Always bring a pair of shoes to avoid burning your feet (very hot sand).

In case of emergency: dial 112

6. Check the weather forecast

To avoid being surprised by bad weather, such as a violent summer thunderstorm, remember to check the weather forecast before you come.

Changeable weather on the Banc d'Arguin

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