The Grand Site

triptych le grand site web2 Le Grand Site Dune du Pilat

A powerful encounter
between the forest, the dune and the ocean

The tallest dune in Europe
forest Le Grand Site Dune du Pilat
ocean Le Grand Site Dune du Pilat

Welcome to the Grand Site de la Dune du Pilat, a protected natural area of 6,875 ha, partly owned by the Conservatoire du Littoral, located at the entrance to the Bassin d'Arcachon.

A true peculiarity of the Aquitaine coast, the dune of Pilat is a natural site imbued with exoticism and majesty. Nearly 110 meters high, 600 m wide and 3 km long, the highest dune in Europe offers a striking contrast on the forest, the sand and the ocean. But did you know that this monument is constantly evolving? The dune of Pilat does not hold in place! Under the action of the wind, it moves from 1 to 5 m towards the forest massif. Its evolution is closely studied by scientists.

A remarkable site to be protected for future generations

Symbols of the richness of the natural heritage of the Arcachon Basin, these fragile landscapes are protected under the law of 2 May 1930 on natural monuments and sites.

Nothing but sand, transparent water, pine forests, wooden huts
(Jean Hugo, great-grandson of Victor Hugo)