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Is the sanitary pass necessary to access the dune of Pilat?

At present, the pass is not compulsory to access the Grand Site de la Dune du Pilat. The situation is likely to change depending on future legislative provisions. On the other hand, wearing a mask from 11 years old is compulsory throughout the reception area of the Grand Site: toilets, shops, access paths to the dune, parking.

Can we reserve a parking space?

Parking spaces are not available for reservation.

One live attendance tool informs you in real time of the level of traffic in the car park. This one shows restricted parking, go to the relay parking from the Teste-de-Buch exhibition center.

How should I put on shoes and dress to visit the Grand Site de la Dune du Pilat?

No special attire is required. Just be sure to take today's weather into consideration.

Note that if the sun is shining, with hot temperatures, the sand can get very hot. In this case, it is better to plan what to wear.

What season are the stairs installed?

To avoid their complete silting up each winter, the stairs are installed during the spring break and removed after the All Saints holidays.

Is there enough to park my bike? 

Yes, the reception area has several racks, allowing you to secure your bike while you are exploring the Grand Site de la Dune du Pilat.

Are there instructions on the reception area of the Grand Site de la dune du Pilat?

No. Due to the nationwide vigipirate plan, our agents cannot agree to monitor your personal property.

What are the opening hours of the shops in the reception area of the Grand Site de la Dune du Pilat?

The shops located in the reception area have variable opening hours depending on the season and the weather.

Can we bring a picnic? 

Yes, as long as you bring back your waste. There are no garbage cans on and at the top of the Dune.

How to get to the Dune du Pilat by public transport?
  • From Arcachon station, take the Baïa Bus: Line 1 direction Salie Beach, get off at the stop Dune of Pilat (25 min).
    Line operating all year round.
    July and August, take the direct DUNE EXPRESS line, from Arcachon station.
  • From Le Teich, take the Baïa Bus: Line 6 direction Salie Beach, get off at the stop Dune of Pilat (40 min).
    Line operating in summer only.
  • From Biscarrosse, take the XL'R Bus: Line 46 direction Arcachon, get off at the stop Dune of Pilat (1h)
    Line operating in summer only, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, from July 6 to August 31

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Are there toilets in the reception area of the Grand Site de la dune du Pilat?

Yes. Due to the current health situation, the mask is compulsory. No need to get lost in the undergrowth, their access is free and they are maintained very regularly.

What is the visit time?

Climbing the Dune, with or without stairs (installed from April to October), requires physical effort, at their own pace! Generally, allow about 15 minutes to pull yourself up to its crest. Once at the top, take the time to catch your breath and contemplate this majestic landscape.

I discover the hiking trails to do

What are the access times to the Dune du Pilat?

The Grand Site of the Dune of Pilat is a natural space accessible at any time of the day. At night, between 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m., parking is not allowed. 

I consult the regulations related to the Grand Site

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What are the prices for the car park?

Parking lot rates vary from season to season. I consult the prices of the car park.

Are dogs tolerated?

Yes, they are tolerated on a leash in the reception area and the dune, but not on the beach. And on condition that they collect their droppings!

Can we visit the Dune du Pilat in a wheelchair?

No. Only the reception area is accessible to people with reduced mobility.

I have lost an item, where should I find out more?

In case of loss or found object, thank you to inform our agents of the Reception point and tourist information on 05 56 22 12 85 / information@ladunedupilat.com.