for the little ones <strong>Activities</strong> for the little ones Dune du Pilat

Activities for children

Our selection of activities for the little ones! Find your child's soul and come together to enjoy children's activities to discover the dune of Pilat in a different way.

COVID-19: Due to the current health situation, all activities for toddlers have been canceled.

tell me about the dune2 <strong>Activities</strong> for the little ones Dune du Pilat

Tell me about the dune

The “Tell me about the dune” workshop allows you to explore in a playful way the different facets of the dune and the used forest, in an imaginary dimension. Several themes are discussed with the children: the characteristics of the dune, the landscape, the fauna, the flora, the inhabitants and activities on the territory ...

Set up on demand, for all ages.


30 mins


From April to September.

Treasure hunt

The treasure hunt is an activity set up with the aim of discovering all the attractions of the Grand Site: exhibition, interpretive trail, forest, dune ... As a family, solve the various puzzles to discover the treasure of the Dune!

For 6-12 year olds.


1 hour


All year

Treasure hunt <strong>Activities</strong> for toddlers Dune du Pilat
<strong>Activities</strong> card game for toddlers Dune du Pilat

Goose game

This goose game is placed on the terrace in front of the Tourist Information Point and allows children to play this traditional game based on the theme of the dune, thanks to a system of riddles and mini-quizzes allowing them to deepen their knowledge. their knowledge.

Installation on demand, up to 12 years old.




From April to September.

Card game

Distributed by one of our mediators, the card game allows children to sharpen their knowledge of the flora and fauna present on the dune of Pilat, thanks to numerous riddles and quizzes.

Set up on demand, for all ages.


10 to 30 min


April to September

“A huge thank you for this wonderful moment of discovering the dune of Pilat.”

card game 2 <strong>Activities</strong> for toddlers Dune of Pilat
Treasure hunt <strong>Activities</strong> for toddlers Dune du Pilat

Out of ideas

For family activities or for your children on the Arcachon Basin? Do not hesitate to consult the site The Bassin des Petits : a local agenda to find out in a few clicks the activities on offer, ideas for leisure activities and activities to do with children.

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