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On the spot

The Dune of Pilat is accessible all year round. The main gateway to the Grand Site, the reception area offers all the services and equipment allowing you to explore it in a comfortable and environmentally friendly way.

On foot, by bike, by bus and even by boat, there are many possibilities to access the Dune! Leave your vehicle aside and take the time to admire nature.

If you still choose to come by car, the reception area has a wooded car park. By parking on the latter, you contribute to the preservation of the Grand Site (public management) and avoid “wild” parking which degrades the environment. Nature welcomes us, let's respect it together!

In 2021, the reception area is getting a new look

In mid-September, the work to requalify the reception area began.

We now welcome you in the so-called “ephemeral” village installed for the duration of the works (18 months). Until March 2023, a reception and information point and sanitary facilities will be available to visitors. In addition, from April 2022, you will be able to find something to eat (take away).

Note that the alley along the shops of the village of cabins is inaccessible. It is therefore necessary to take the path located below. Orange arrows guide you to go to the foot of the dune.

Scaled miniature COVID19 plan On site Dune du Pilat

The Reception and Information Point, essential, to find the answers to all your questions! Claire, our mediator and the information point team will guide you in discovering the dune but also the natural resources of the territory. You will find the documentation relating to the visit of the Grand Site, its surroundings and all the mediation activities (guided walks, children's workshops, etc.)

Sanitary facilities men and women are free, have a nursery and are regularly cleaned and disinfected. Wearing a mask is compulsory.

The stairs are installed from April to October. They allow you to access the dune ridge more easily. Please note, due to the current health situation, the steps are only accessible in the direction of the climb.

The cycle and pedestrian path, gently takes you to the so-called ephemeral village and the bicycle racks, then the path leading to the foot of the dune.

Construction areas, for the safety of all, are closed to the public. They are marked with signs and signposted.

The parking lot is divided into several zones: P1, P2, P3, P4. In order to contribute to the maintenance and preservation of this fragile natural space, the parking lot is chargeable (public management of the Grand Site).