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How to come at the Dune du Pilat?

Discover all the practical information to come and discover the dune of Pilat depending on the means of transport used!

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The Grand Site de la Dune du Pilat is located on the cycle route of La Vélodyssée : this cycle route which crosses Brittany and runs along the Atlantic to the Basque Coast by a tonic and wild route.

Thanks to the many cycle paths of the Arcachon Basin, you can easily access the Grand Site de la dune du Pilat.

Bicycle rental companies are listed on the website of the Arcachon bay. Find yourself there all walks and routes suitable for bicycles.

The reception and information point are labeled “Accueil Vélo”, a national brand that guarantees quality welcome and services for all cyclists.

Racks are available in the reception area to attach your bike for the duration of your visit to the Grand Site. However, be careful, there are no instructions for storing your belongings.

The Car-Free Nature Getaway of the Grands Sites de France network gives you an idea of a route by bike, on foot, by boat, to discover the territory of the Grand Site de la Dune du Pilat in a different way.

From Arcachon station:

Take the Baïa Bus: Line 1 direction Salie Beach, get off at the stop Dune of Pilat (25 min)
Line operating all year round. 

From Le Teich:

Take the Baïa Bus: Line 6 direction Salie Beach, get off at the stop Dune of Pilat (40 min)
Line operating in summer only.

In July and August, take the direct DUNE EXPRESS line, from Arcachon station

From Biscarrosse:

Take the XL'R Bus: Line 46 direction Arcachon, get off at the stop Dune of Pilat (1h).
Line operating in summer only, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, from July 6 to August 31.

From Bordeaux Saint Jean station:

Take the TER line 41.2 U (25 return trips per day) direction Arcachon, get off at the terminus (50 min)

From Paris, Marseille, Nantes, London, Madrid… join the Bassin d'Arcachon by arriving at Bordeaux-Mérignac airport (45 min from the Grand Site).

Take the shuttle 30'DIRECT to get to Bordeaux Saint Jean station (45 min).

It is possible to get to the dune of Pilat by sea route. 

Either by your own means, or by sailing with the maritime services available on the Arcachon Basin. 

The reception area of the Grand Site de la Dune du Pilat has a car park.

Public revenue from parking is donated in full for the management of the Grand Site: waste collection in natural areas, naturalist monitoring, free environmental education tools, etc. By paying for the parking lot, you too are helping to preserve it. .

From Bordeaux:

From Bordeaux, take the A630 motorway then A660 towards the Bassin d'Arcachon / Biscarrosse, Exit D259 towards Dune du Pilat / Biscarrosse. Head towards the reception area of the Dune (with a parking lot).

From Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Biarritz:

From Paris: A10 Paris / Bordeaux (5h30)
From Lyon: A89 Lyon / Bordeaux (5h20)
From Toulouse: A62 Toulouse / Bordeaux (2h40)
From Biarritz: A63 Biarritz / A660 direction Arcachon (1h50)

In mid-September, work began to re-qualify the reception area of the Grand Site de la Dune du Pilat. During the duration of the work, estimated at 18 months, some inconvenience may be caused.

From October 11 until November 15, 2021, oversized vehicles such as camper vans can no longer access the reception area.

To visit the Grand Site de la Dune du Pilat, you will now have to park in the car parks of the ocean beaches and return via the cycle paths or use the Baïa public transport lines from Arcachon or La Teste de Buch.


Bus, bike, boat… and yes, the dune of Pilat can be visited differently!
Leave your cars behind and use other means to get around!

In the summer season during which road traffic is dense, prefer more gentle modes of transport.

I download the practical guide to get around well throughout the Arcachon Basin!

Access to the dune of Pilat is completely free if you come by bus, bicycle or on foot.

To avoid impacting species and their habitats, but also to ensure everyone's safety, do not park your vehicle alongside the road.

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