Parking lot subscription

General conditions of annual subscription to the Dune du Pilat parking lot

1. General provisions

These general conditions apply automatically to any annual subscription to the Grand Site de la dune du Pilat car park. The signing of the annual subscription form under the conditions defined below and the use of the means of access implies unreserved acceptance of the general subscription conditions.

2. Annual subscription

2.1. The subscription to the annual subscription commits the following parties: the user of the subscription (hereinafter also referred to as the subscriber), the purchaser of the subscription and the Syndicat Mixte de la Grande Dune du Pilat whose head office is social is located at Hôtel de Ville de La Teste de Buch - 1, Esplanade Edmond Doré BP 50105 - 33164 La Teste de Buch Cedex.

2.2. The contract, concluded between the subscriber and the Syndicat Mixte de la Grande Dune du Pilat, consists of these general subscription conditions, the subscription form, the price list which appears on our website and is displayed within the parking lot.
The subscriber acknowledges having read these documents and accepts them prior to the conclusion of the contract.
The subscription is made by filling out the online form then by signing the contract with the agents in charge of operating the car park.

2.3. The subscription is strictly personal to the user. It is subscribed for a period of 12 months and begins on the day of validation of the subscription file.

3. Conditions of use of the subscription

3.1. The subscriber card allows its holder to park his vehicle in the Grand Site parking lot at the dune of Pilat between 5 a.m. and 2 a.m. the following day for the duration of the subscription. Parking between 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. is not permitted. A penalty of 50 euros is applied in the event of non-compliance with this prohibition.

3.2. The user is guaranteed to find a parking space except when the sign placed at the entrance to the parking lot displays full. In this case, the Mixed Syndicate cannot be held liable and the subscriber will not be able to claim any compensation or reimbursement of all or part of the subscription fees paid during the subscription.

3.3. The validity of the means of access can be checked at any time.
In case of doubt about the identity of the subscriber, the agent appointed manager of the management of the Mixed Syndicate of the Grande Dune du Pilat (or his deputy) may be requested to provide proof of identity.

3.4. In order to avoid any problem of use, the subscription card must not be folded, placed in contact with water and all sources of heat (dashboard for example).

3.5. The use of the subscriber card to exit the car park is only possible if it was used to enter it. The entry / exit cycle must always be respected.

3.6. Any subscriber having forgotten his card or presenting it in bad cycle will have to pay the hourly amount corresponding to the duration of parking. No refund can be requested in this case.

4. Loss, theft, defect

4.1. In the event of loss, deterioration or defect of the subscription card caused by poor maintenance, the sums paid for the contract will not be refunded. The issuance of a new means of access will lead to the signing of a new subscription contract as well as a new payment.

4.2. In the event of a defect in the means of access without questioning the subscriber, the latter must return it as soon as possible to the Tourist Information Point of the Grand Site. It will be replaced at no cost to the subscriber; the responsibility of the Syndicat Mixte de la Grande Dune du Pilat is expressly limited to the replacement of the defective means of access.

4.3. Under no circumstances will parking tickets taken by the subscriber be reimbursed between the date of loss, theft or the request for replacement of the means of access and the date of receipt by the subscriber of his new means. access.

5. Payment of the subscription

5.1. The payment of the subscription is the fixed amount defined by deliberation of the Union Committee and in force on the date of the start of the subscription.

5.2. The purchaser and the subscriber must be of legal age.

5.3 An acquirer can support several subscriptions.

5.4. The subscription payment is made, on site and in one go in cash, check or credit card.

6. Termination of the contract at the initiative of the payer

At the end of his subscription, in the event of non-renewal, the subscriber has 7 days (working and calculated from the last day of the subscription) to return his means of access in good working order to the Information Point. tourist attractions of the Grand Site of the dune of Pilat. In the absence of delivery of the means of access within the aforementioned period, it will be automatically disabled by the Mixed Syndicate of the Great Dune of Pilat.

7. Termination of the contract at the initiative of the Syndicat Mixte de la Grande Dune du Pilat.

7.1. The contract is automatically terminated by the Syndicat Mixte de la Grande Dune du Pilat for the following reasons:
• In the event of fraud in the constitution of the subscription file, false declaration, falsification of attachments;
• In the event of fraud in the use of the means of access (in particular in the case of the use of the subscription by someone other than the subscriber);
• In the event of non-compliance with the rules in force within the car park (speed limit, perimeter of parking spaces);
• In the event of the end of operation or modification of the operating conditions of the parking lot by the Syndicat Mixte de la Grande Dune du Pilat, whatever the cause.
Upon termination of the contract, the Syndicat Mixte de la Grande Dune du Pilat invalidates the means of access.

7.2. Any user whose subscription has been terminated for established fraud undertakes to return their means of access to the Tourist Information Point of the Grand Site within 7 days.

7.3. The Syndicat Mixte de la Grande Dune du Pilat reserves the right to refuse any new subscription contract to a purchaser or to a subscriber whose contract has already been terminated for fault.

8. Liability

The amount collected does not constitute a right of guarding, surveillance or deposit of the vehicle. The Syndicat Mixte de la Grande Dune du Pilat cannot be held responsible for thefts and / or damage caused to the vehicle, whatever the cause. The subscriber undertakes to waive on these grounds, directly or through a third party (for example an insurance company) any recourse against the Syndicat Mixte de la Grande Dune du Pilat or its employees.

9. Protection of personal data

9.1. The information collected by the Syndicat Mixte de la Grande Dune du Pilat is subject to computer processing, the answers to certain questions being optional.

9.2. In accordance with the applicable regulations, everyone has the right to access, rectify and delete personal information concerning them, which they can exercise by sending a request to the Syndicat Mixte du Grand Site de la Dune du Pilat.