Reception posted on the Dune ridge: raising awareness of this fragile natural space

La Dune offers an exceptional panorama on a unique triptych on a national scale: forest, sand and ocean. A emblematic element of our heritage, essential to the beauty of the Grand Site, was badly affected by the flames : the user forest of La Teste de Buch also called Great Mountain. This millennial forest has developed gradually in a natural way on ancient dunes. Its strong historical and ecological value is today impacted and the biodiversity shaken.

Today, with the partial reopening of the Grand Site de la Dune (access to the forest massif is prohibited), our nature guides offer you receptions posted on the crest of the Dune to better understand the riches of this exceptional heritage.

By reading the landscape, they will return with you to the impacts related to the fire (fauna and flora) and will tell you the story of this ocean of greenery intimately linked to the formation of the highest Dune in Europe.

How are landscapes formed? Is the Dune du Pilat mobile? How does she move? What life harbors this fragile ecosystem? What is tapping?

Claire, Laurie and Marine invite you alongside them to discover this heritage and its history!

Information at the Dune du Pilat information point: 05 56 22 12 85 / information@ladunedupilat

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