Walking tours - Dune du Pilat

Walking tours

Hike on the ridge, between ocean and forest

Want to go beyond the first perception offered after having climbed the last steps of the staircase? To appreciate all the majesty of the Dune and its landscape, take the time to explore it along its length! The Grand Site reveals reliefs, shapes and lights that contribute to its beauty.

The ride is sporty, but the effort quickly gives way to delight. Along your route, you will discover in turn the ancient soils of the dune (paleosols), the plants that have adapted to this sometimes hostile environment and the imprints left by the discreet hosts of the Dune ...

I discover the peculiarities of these fragile environments 

These circuits are accessible according to the regulations in force.

An example of a circuit

Departure from the reception area of the Grand Site. Climb through the sand, it's sporty but the arrival at the top is all the more appreciable! Take a moment to recuperate and enjoy the scenery that runs to the horizon. Direction, the South of the Dune, towards the ocean beaches, to attack its gentle curves. Going down towards the beach, do not miss the paleosols which undulate on the eastern side of the Dune. They are the witnesses of the millennial history of the site. Perhaps you will distinguish in these ancient grounds, remains of wood and shells frozen in time. Descend continuously and gradually to the edge of the forest massif. 

Walking tours - Dune du Pilat

Do not miss: freshwater marsh plants between the beach and the Dune? You are not dreaming, a few meters away coexist Marsh Iris, Common Reed, Red Willow and plants characteristic of the sea leash (Cakilier maritime) and the white dune (Oyat, Maritime spurge). The presence of these specific plants is linked to the resurgences of fresh water flowing on the beach.

This hike is sporty, unmarked and without the possibility of supplies (provide water and snacks). This hike is difficult with young children. Plan an appropriate outfit depending on the season and do not forget your hats and sunscreen.

Length: About 6 km round trip

Duration: Between 2h and 3h

picnic at the dune

On the beach : Along the beach, animal and plant remains are deposited by the waves. They form what is called the sea leash. Small crustaceans and birds come to feed there. Unfortunately, unnatural waste gets mixed up in it. 

Tip: Plan your picnic. You can plan your own itinerary, but be careful not to step on the fragile vegetation, which stabilizes the sand. Also watch out for the tide, if you go by the beach!

Before leaving, I take note of the good advices for a pleasant visit.

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You want to discover the dune of Pilat, taking advantage of the explanations of our mediators? It's possible ! We organize free guided tours all year round.

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