<strong>Reduced mobility</strong> - Dune of Pilat

Reduced mobility

A stair facilitating the ascent in season

To facilitate the ascent, a stairs are installed from April to early November. Even though the 160 steps will surely get the better of your breath, everyone can climb at their own pace.
No worries for those who wish to visit the Grand Site with children. They are often the ones who will have reached the top first.

Accessibility and handicap

The Dune itself is difficult to access (walking in sand, steep slope, etc.) for people with limited mobility.

The reception area and its village of cabins is accessible to people with reduced mobility. Wheelchairs and strollers can access the exhibition, information and discovery cabins. Restaurants and cultural shops are also accessible.

On the other hand, the path leading to the Dune du Pilat is impassable for people with reduced mobility.

The reception area has reserved parking spaces for disabled people.

Like all natural spaces, there are natural and technical constraints limiting the installation of equipment, but making it possible not to denature and disturb the site.

However, secondary paths allow you to get to the foot of the Dune (access via the Corniche stairs).

<strong>Reduced mobility</strong> - Dune of Pilat
We welcome you all year round
<strong>Reduced mobility</strong> - Dune of Pilat
Discovery hut

The Dune throughout the year

For all those who cannot climb the Dune du Pilat, films and mediation areas are available in the reception area.