3D modeling of rehabilitated reception area

What changes ?

The reception area of the Dune of Pilat

The reception area, set up at the end of the 1980s in order to organize the arrival of the public, parking and use still plays its role as the main gateway to understand the Great Dune from its eastern slope, the most steep, the wildest.

But, after more than three decades during which practices and trends have evolved, the buildings and equipment, worn and weakened, are getting a "new look"!

For what changes?

However, do not expect a big metamorphosis or an extension of the landscaped spaces. The site is classified and the objective is to ensure its preservation while improving visiting conditions throughout the year.

The general requalification of the reception area is thus done in favor of:

  • a simple and coherent architectural style,
  • a better relationship with the forest environment,
  • compliance with standards in terms of accessibility and safety,
  • public services more suited to attendance and public expectations,
  • smoother circulation within the reception area, safe routes, alternatives to the use of the car,
  • development of environmental mediation and awareness tools,
  • an evolution of the commercial offer more in line with current trends.

The work on the reception area aims to provide more pedestrian space and to reinforce gentle circulation, with landscaping, while maintaining the capacity of the car park (750 spaces). At the same time, the rehabilitation of the village of huts allows to requalify all the services and shops.

In addition, a visit route will guide the public, give meaning and extend the scope and intensity of the experience.

The search for a pointbalance between tourism and environment guided the entire preliminary study and development phase of the project. The use of endemic species, the precise choice of materials, the treatment of the soil and the renaturation of certain areas guarantee the perfect landscape integration of the developments and preserve the personality of the Grand Site.

The works are spread over 20 months (they started in September 2021). During this period, a "ephemeral" village is installed to ensure the continuity of the public service.

Are you interested in following the progress of this work? So check this section regularly, which we update as they progress.