What changes on site? - Dune of Pilat

What changes there?

New cycle path, tools dedicated to environmental education, decline of artificial spaces... A look back at the major objectives of this project at the foot of one of France's most emblematic natural monuments.

What changes today?

The Dune du Pilat and the adjoining forest massif are classified natural environments, protected by law (Environmental Code) and properties of the Conservatoire du littoral. The objective of the work was to improve the conditions for visitors throughout the year, in an already existing reception area. It was not a question of carrying out major metamorphoses or extending the facilities, on the contrary!

The Joint Syndicate, manager of the Grand Site, has the mission of ensuring its preservation while allowing everyone to access it.

The requalification of the reception area was done in favor of:

  • a simple and coherent architecture (huts under the trees integrated into their forest environment)
  • a better relationship with the adjoining forest
  • upgrading to accessibility and safety standards
  • public services more adapted to public attendance and expectations
  • smoother circulation within the reception area, safe routes, alternatives to the use of the car
  • development of mediation and environmental awareness tools
  • an evolution of the commercial offer more in line with current trends

The work allowed to provide more pedestrian space and have reinforces gentle circulation, with a landscaping treatment, while maintaining the capacity of the car park (750 spaces). At the same time, the rehabilitation of the village of huts has made it possible to requalify all the services and shops.

A new tour route now guides visitors and gives meaning to the discovery of the Dune (understanding its formation, its biodiversity but also its evolution, etc.).

The search for a pointbalance between tourism and environment guided the entire development phase of this major project. The use of endemic species, the precise choice of materials, the treatment of the soil and the renaturation of certain areas have guaranteed the perfect landscape integration of the developments.

Companies settled for 20 months (work started in September 2021). During this period, a so-called “ephemeral” village made it possible to ensure the continuity of the public service.

Discover in video, the novelties of the reception area!

Video made by @MidiProd