Refurbishment work continues

The metamorphosis of the reception area, which began last October, is ongoing!

The first phase will soon come to an end.

This beginning of the year is marked by a new stage in this requalification project, with the redevelopment of the pedestrian axis, located at the entrance to the reception area. Designed as a large walkway, wide and comfortable, it crosses the entire reception area ofeast to west. From the bus stop at the entrance to the site, to the village of cabins.

The first part of this great promenade has already been transformed, with the planting of many trees and shrubs, the moving bike racks, and the installation of mediation furniture close to the bus stop.

This landscaping aims to offer visitors a better immersion in the forest atmosphere, until the opening on the Dune du Pilat at the exit of the forest.

In order to preserve the natural character of the Grand Site, a range of plants favorable to biodiversity, but also adapted to the climate and soil of the dune forest, was selected. It is made up of native plants, melliferous plants, or even host plants, such as: Oak cork, the pedunculate oak, the maritime pine, the spiny fern, I'royal osmund, I'arbutus, the broom heath, the holly, the bell heather, the sage-leaved cistus, the butcher's broom, the broad-leaved wired…

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